Know to Vote

As the 2016 year comes into view, the presidential candidates get their markup, setting up offense and defense campaign mechanisms for their opponents, as well as the public. Republican, Democrat, or Third Party, stay abreast on the “potentials” and what they genuinely stand for. If there is one thing that last year’s presidential campaign has taught us, it’s that candidates will say anything to get your vote, even if that means cunningly reneging every “vow” once declared (as Mitt Romney decided during the final presidential primaries).

So get out there, appear at whatever campaign hotspots are closest to you, and do your research. These elections have become vital, as the Democrats are trying their hardest to undue all of the damage our economy has suffered as a result of actions prior to President Obama’s election.

Each vote counts; it is our job to make sure that our votes are going towards someone whom we agree with.

Information on the potential candidates can be found at


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