Climbing the ladder?

The season of graduation is fastly approaching, some can expect to be out and on their own as soon as December. Are we ready?

Thousands of young adults graduate from college with no plan on how they will get into that dream job. A word of advice- the first job is never really the “dream job”. As an entry-level employee, there are things that must be taught, respect to be earned, and initiative to be displayed.

If you are going into a medical field, you have your mind made for you, but for my Communications majors (Public relations, Journalism), your work is never done. You not only have to decide exactly what you want to do in the vast world of Journalism and Communications, you must also decide the category of life in which you wish to do it (i.e.: news, weddings, corporate, international communications, etc.). Realize that upon graduation, you may have to take on an internship just to get your foot into the door. While there are opportunities in both paid as well as unpaid, you need the “mula” to get back and forth to your future job *fingers crossed*. Here is a blog on how to get ahead in the industry, thanks to prnewsonline, check it out below!


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