What I have to say…

The New York Police Department sent officers to France to simply visit the memorial of the officers whose lives ceased during a terrorist attack on the satirical magazine company, Charlie Hebdo, last week. While this displays a sense of support from the U.S. to a long term ally, it speaks volumes about the concerns (or the lack of) towards our country’s problems.
There are still young men being killed by law enforcement officers in the U.S., yet I have not seen, nor heard of, any new coverage on such issues. Why are these officers not coming together to help properly train and learn how to conduct themselves when faced with confrontation?
I do believe that the gesture is one of great consideration, and paints their image beautifully in the eyes of another country, but that same consideration could have been taken during the funeral of Eric Garner. No one would have thought less of the NYPD had they shown their sympathies that day.


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