5 Communication-Keepers for Your Relationship

I’ve been thiLaughing couple.nking a lot about communication. In the generation where the hottest topic or activity stems from a mobile device, personal time is quickly invading quality time. Interpersonal skills are becoming harder to identify, while “insta-famous popularity” is ubiquitous. It makes one question- how do you establish and build a solid relationship with no interruption by technology?

This is a life’s journey question by millennials. To save you from sitting soundless beside your “boo”, twittling your thumbs, below are five interpersonal activities that will help you use technology to your advantage, keeping the communication and fun high, so your relationship-second-thoughts can stay at bay.

  1. Story-telling
    What better way to get creative than to make up stories together. This is great for times when you are not able to use any technology, for example: when the power goes out. Simply sit by candle light and start a story, stop after a thought, and let your companion pick up where you left off. See how far the story will go. You’ll be surprised and entertained by the ideas you two bounce off of each other.
  2. Puzzles & Games
    Grab a puzzle or two and go to work. If this isn’t challenging enough, time yourselves, and try doing this without looking at the finished image on the box. The two of you can even make a competition out of it– see who can finish the fastest. If puzzles aren’t your thing, you can grab another game that will be sure to get the competition going. Before you think that games are so pre-historic, consider how they will cause you to interact with each other (even if it is a little junk-talking). Games like Clue, Forbidden Island, and Scrabble are sure communication openers, as your boo blows his or her mind trying to beat you!
  3. Make a video
    I don’t mean that kind of video. This could be something as simple and fun as a cooking video. Anything DIY would make a great video. Good fun recipes, like chocolate-covered strawberries, or confetti popcorn are great to-do introductions for a night in together. The two of you can simply get behind the camera, show your creativity, and imagine an audience getting to know the two of you! Just have fun together! If you’re looking for food DIYs, Facebook and Instagram have tons of accounts dishing interesting ideas. For crafts, and other DIYs, the infamous Pinterest will be a faithful go-to for ideas.
  4. Give nightly feedback
    Who knows that opposites attract? Who also knows that relationships aren’t all laughs and giggles? This is where true communication benefits. Through the day-to-day tasks, things happen, you get mad…or not. Either way, it’s good practice to give your companion feedback on how things went between the two of you that particular day. This is not the opportunity to ‘nag’, so don’t look at it like that. This is truthfully a way for you and your boo to better understand each other, while you learn to understand yourselves. The topic can be positive or indifferent, the goal is to just be honest. Listen to each other; and when speaking, be sure to come from a positive aspect of how the two of you can make an even more effective solution or approach to situations. I promise, you will be so happy when you see how it improves your understanding of each other.
  5. Have a photoshoot
    This may come easier for those that are snap-chat and Instagram strung, but there’s no reason you can’t tap into your inner-model for your love’s eye. Grab a few lamps (you know, those flexible ones you used in college), a fan, and get into character. Your man will love seeing you bring out the different side of yourself (at his direction); and you’ll love seeing him tap into his inner ‘GQ’. When you’re finish, sit back and laugh, or become very attracted. Either way, you two will thoroughly enjoy this process during and after the photoshoot is over. The best thing about it- you can do it on your phone, which serves as a personal keep-sake.

With that said, there’s no reason to allow social media to replace you in your relationship. Use it to your advantage! Just because you may be older does not mean that the two of you can’t get together and have just as much fun as kids making club houses out of blankets and chairs. It just requires a bit of creativity and a desire to really have fun, so get creative! Have more ideas? Feel free to share ways you’ve kept your communication with your companion open and fun. We’d love to hear new ideas.


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