Hair Clips…Making a Comeback?

Throughout the decades, we’ve seen trends repeat themselves– block heels, bell sleeves shirts (the boho looks), afros, and more recently chokers. What about the reappearance of hair clips? I don’t mean banana clips, or those chop-sticks girls stuck in the middle of their hair bun. I mean those little design clips that you would use to pull twists together. Yes, those clips that you used as a little girl, they are making entrance through fashion’s door once again. Here’s a few ‘must haves’ for your tresses this fall.

hairclip1Looking for something simple to girly up your twisted style?  These floral hair pins will do just that! These hair pins serves two purposes: 1. It looks cute; 2. it holds a hairstyle in place. This kind of hair jewel can be worn with your everyday, boho look, or it can be added as an accessory to your more elegant, informal look. The objective when using these pins is to keep it to a minimum; too many can take your hair from simply elegant to a bit messy and confusing. You do not want to risk that! Try wearing no more than four of these pins in your hair at a time, depending on the hairstyle.


You wake up in the morning, with no particular hairstyle in mind, so what do you go to? The usual ponytail. Lets take that ordinary ponytail to another level. Your average ‘scrunchy’ will be worth the attention when you add this gold detail. This ponytail holder can make any ponytail or bun sleek and chic, making the most simple hairstyle fashion-forward. With this jewel, you can keep the  curling to a minimum, while still displaying that you care about your appearance. How perfect is that?


For all of my headband lovers and all of my gold lover, I’ve found the perfect combination for the both you! Every naturalista knows that the front of the head can be the hardest thing to style at times. Well, here is the answer to your long-drawn worry. This double-layered headband brings the inner goddess out of any twistout or braidout gone wrong. It does not have to be saved for those hairstyle fails; it can be worn with your updos also. So before you think about throwing a fit over that messed up hairstyle, slide on one of these elegant head pieces and strut your stuff.


Who loves a halo braid like I do? Nothing reads goddess of beauty like a jeweled halo braid. These stem-like crowns can be used as head bands, as well as head pieces to form around your halo braid. Give your braid a chunkier look and add your crown jewel for the finishing touch of an Athens goddess, then voila- you have your unique style ready for the runway, wedding, or street.


The great things about all of these hair pieces- they are not limited to specific hair grades or styles; they can be worn to present any look your hear desires. Next time you’re feeling blah about your hairstyle, try adding one of these jewels to it and see what excitement it brings to your image. Not sure where you can find these cuties? Try stores like amazon or your local Sally’s or Beauty Supply Store.

I’d love to see what hairstyles come to life with your hair pins. Feel free to share your ideas!


Until next time, loves.



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