Remind me…

sometimes you just need reminders 

how did we get here?

Why did I tell myself to be with you?

What are we doing? Are we happy? How?

But that’s not right

would the average relationship need a constant reminder?

though we’re in no way average

we’re so far above average

with all of the complicated

the flip flop

the I got you…but I feel like you’re my enemy


more like a boy-frienemy

wanting me to do what you want

but that’s just the rebel in me

the butterfly that keeps trying to escape from a room with no walls

string tied around my neck

knotted by my own hands

because I think this is what I want…

…to be tamed

taken down a knotch

find some level-ness

you know, to be grounded


but I constantly wake up

after being romantically unconscious for weeks at a time

only to be reminded that freedom is right there

if I just let go

untie the rope

fly away and roam

as a butterfly is destined


but then I’d leave you

no covering

no love

no desire

no strength


so remind me

is that why I stay?


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