You know the saying – new year, new me – yea, we’ve all heard it a thousand times. Actually, we’ve been some of the many who utter this cliché! Yet, we always end up in the same boat, staring at the view provided the previous year. What if we knew the problems that constantly break our optimism for accomplishment? I’m sure we’d all be well on our way to owning our own businesses, reaching our weight goals, and booking flights for dream vacations.

Each year, I find myself in this predicament. However, I’m determined to make sure this year is different; I decided to get a head start of establishing my goals for the new year, in hopes of solidifying their accomplishments. First I needed to make sure that I would be able to overcome the obstacles that oh-so-often hinder me. To help myself, and you, avoid the repetitive habit of failure (due to giving up), I decided to share them with you in this article. Hopefully this list can steer all of us in the right direction to becoming a better us!


Lack of information: Oftentimes we know what we want to accomplish, but we do not know what accomplishing that goal really requires. It is this misunderstanding that sets many of us off on the wrong foot. With that said, the first thing to do when considering and creating your New Year goals, is to thoroughly understand your goal. This may require a bit of research; no matter what it takes, do it! Remember: failure to plan is a plan to fail! What better way to plan an accomplishment than by learning what it takes to reach that achievement? Get out there, ask questions and take notes! Get prepared!

Lack of time: Many of us struggle with balancing our current schedule, and though we all desire to achieve new things, it can seem more like wishful thinking. This, however, can change! You’ve heard that saying “you make time for what you really want to do!”? Of course, we’ve all heard it and said it! Despite how we may hate being told this, it is very true! Therefore, it is important that with each goal, you consider time management. How will making time to accomplish this goal alter your schedule? Recognize that with finding a solution to this, you must be honest about the sacrifices required of you. When adjusting your schedule, consider what can require less time, compared to what needs to be completely removed. For example, you may spend more time than needed talking on the phone. You want to keep in contact with your friends and loved ones, but you also desire to spend more time with yourself, completely unplugged. You can put a hard time frame on your casual convos, to ensure that you unplug from the thoughts of others and tune into yourself. It’s all about being real with yourself

Lack of motivation/inspiration: The WHY is pretty significant to getting the desired results out of the new year. If your reason for wanting accomplishing things is not important enough, you can believe that you will not accomplish it. Along with establishing an encouraging WHY, you must also create an encouraging HOW. I do not know about you, but environment is a big factor to my motivation. I am all about inspiration! While I have to be my own motivation, physical environment can be a major inspiration to me. According to articles by several researchers (see end of article), students and adults alike are not only inspired by models who have experienced what they are facing, but also the physical environment in which they work and live. This is why everything around you must level up to the success you desire for yourself. Think about it- if you naturally see negative situation and responses at every turn, how will your outlook on situations not become altered to reciprocate what you’ve taken into your consciousness? It’s inevitable! Therefore, be sure to cater to your surroundings, it is important to your motivation.

Lack of patience: It’s so easy to think that our results should show immediately after our first try. When working out, we go directly to the mirror to see our progress after our first 15 mins on the treadmill; we want to check our bank account after one month of saving; we want to see how many people have responded to our posts after 5 minutes of posting. We are just impatient! It’s understandable. The era that we live in is a “right now” era. Though many things may come conveniently fast, remember that things worth growing/ doing correctly takes time. You can revel in the 100 likes you have within the first hour of your post now, or you can be securely satisfied in the 30 meaningful conversations that derive from your post within five hours. Personally, I’d prefer the conversations. Anyone can click a like button. While waiting, and working for the results you desire, remember to record your results. Mark your small failures and triumphs, knowing they all lead to your big accomplishment. This will remind you of how far you come and hopefully gives you hope during the process.

Lack of encouragement: Where would you be if someone didn’t encourage you? You know whose words hurt or heal the most? That’s right- yours. Encouragement is the most important factor in achieving your new year resolution. Through everything you do this year, remember to speak nicely to yourself. Remind yourself of the goals you have accomplished and positively push yourself to do more! You can be your biggest fan, or your worst critic. Learn to balance the two successfully, but always choose to be your biggest fan! You are stuck with YOU until the end of this life, you know; you might as well love and encourage yourself to the utmost!

Now that we know the main causes for New Year Resolution failures, let’s make better decisions and avoid these lack-ofs, sufficiently preparing ourselves with the arsenal needed to fulfill our resolutions. Happy New Year


Articles for relation between student inspiration and the environment:


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