Hair Clips…Making a Comeback?

Throughout the decades, we've seen trends repeat themselves-- block heels, bell sleeves shirts (the boho looks), afros, and more recently chokers. What about the reappearance of hair clips? I don't mean banana clips, or those chop-sticks girls stuck in the middle of their hair bun. I mean those little design clips that you would use to … Continue reading Hair Clips…Making a Comeback?


5 Communication-Keepers for Your Relationship

I've been thinking a lot about communication. In the generation where the hottest topic or activity stems from a mobile device, personal time is quickly invading quality time. Interpersonal skills are becoming harder to identify, while "insta-famous popularity" is ubiquitous. It makes one question- how do you establish and build a solid relationship with no … Continue reading 5 Communication-Keepers for Your Relationship

Know to Vote

As the 2016 year comes into view, the presidential candidates get their markup, setting up offense and defense campaign mechanisms for their opponents, as well as the public. Republican, Democrat, or Third Party, stay abreast on the “potentials” and what they genuinely stand for. If there is one thing that last year’s presidential campaign has … Continue reading Know to Vote